We believe in being accountable and transparent. We can think of no better way to demonstrate that, than by making it clear how much we charge for our services.

It’s only right that you should know how much we charge, the services we provide and the value we deliver as soon as possible.

Initial meeting

This is our opportunity to start getting to know each other. We’ll talk about your objectives, your current financial circumstances, and answer any questions you might have.

Choosing a financial planner, who will help carve out your financial future, is a big step. That’s why it’s important to know we will get along in the long term.

Our fee: No fee. We do not charge a fee for any initial meetings held at our office, nor are you under any obligation to engage us.

Financial planning review

The next step, after our initial meeting is the financial planning review. This service includes:

  • Information-gathering

Once we’ve agreed to work together we’ll meet again and start talking specifics. We’ll gather as much information as possible about your financial life and talk in detail about your objectives, both of which will help us to develop your financial plan. At this stage we’ll also start to evaluate your appetite for investment risk.

  • High-level proposals

We will spend time assessing your situation, looking at existing plans and mapping out potential routes forward. This will be the start of your financial plan. We will invite you for a meeting to discuss this and present the plan using visual financial planning software, making any changes needed.

  • Detailed proposals in writing

We will send you your financial plan. This will include the risks faced and the costs involved and should allow you to make an informed decision. We offer a further meeting if needed to discuss any questions and assist with any paperwork.

Our fee: £1,950. We invoice for this following delivery of our financial planning report.

Implementation & Ongoing service

If you would like us to make specific recommendations to implement your financial plan, we will provide an additional product-focused report with specific recommendations, subject to a minimum implementation fee of £1,650.

We also offer ongoing financial planning and investment management. In keeping with our open and transparent ethos this can be cancelled at any time without penalty. This service is subject to a minimum annual fee of £1,650.

We recognise that needs vary significantly as investment amounts increase, and we price our services based on individual need for the investment tier in excess of£2,000,000.

Our implementation and ongoing service fees follow the same structure, and are as follows:

Investment tierImplementation Fee
First £500,0001.00%
Next £500,0000.55%
Next £1 million0.45%
Above £2 million
Based on individual need
Investment tierOngoing Service Fee
First £500,0001.00%
Next £500,0000.55%
Next £1 million0.45%
Above £2 millionBased on individual need

Corporate Clients

We offer investment management and advice services to corporate clients as well as individuals. This includes Trustees of pension schemes and charities, as well as companies. Because of the unique nature of each engagement, we charge fees based on them individual circumstances presented.

How much will you pay?

To help you work out how much our fees will be for your own situation, we have shown three possible scenarios and built a calculator which allows you to input your own figures.

Scenario 1

Production of financial planning report only. However, no implementation or ongoing service is required.

Financial planning review:



£0, not required

Ongoing service:

£0, not required

Scenario 2

Production of financial planning report followed by implementation with £450,000 invested using our ongoing service.

Financial planning review:



1.00% / £4,500

Ongoing service:

1.00% / £4,500 per year

Scenario 3

Production of financial planning report followed by implementation with £1,200,000 invested using our ongoing service

Financial planning review:



0.72% / £8,650

Ongoing service:

0.72% / £8,650 per year

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