“We’ve been working with Alasdair, at HA&W for probably about two years now. We first got involved with them because I was starting to look at switching from my current IFA to a new IFA, and Alasdair came highly recommended. So we met a few times, and I really liked the approach, particularly talking about lifetime financial modelling rather than just investment vehicles.”

“One of the benefits of the approach that Alasdair adopted with us is that clarity as to, if these life events happen, or if this sort of scenario financially plays out, these will be the consequences, or at least the financial implications. Caroline, and myself have been thinking about these things we’re getting to an age where, retirement is not too far into the future, our daughters are on the cusp of going to university. It felt like we were just at that stage in life where it meant it made sense to take stock financially, and the real benefit of that was clarity. You’re trying to think about these things, but without somebody who’s professional with the right tools supporting you through that it can feel uncertain. You’re not confident about the detail of that plan, whereas having all the information in front of us and having Allister available to walk us through it just gave us as greater clarity.”

“I got to know Alasdair really well, over the last couple of years, through conversations and face to face meetings. What first comes across is he’s very professional, really knows what he’s talking about, enjoys the conversation and he can give you really detailed, but accessible answers. I think he comes across as organised and really on top of helping the process and the logistics. Things like setting up remote calls in recent months. He’s always been very proactive in that regard, and authentic. Very client-focused, never too much trouble with anything, always accessible. Genuinely interested in what we’re doing, our day to day lives, as well as supporting us with our long-term financial planning.”

“When I’m working with Alasdair, I find the conversations really stimulating. Not only does he know his core business, as you’d expect from an experienced IFA, but you can talk to him about anything to do with finance and politics around the economy, I find that really stimulating, and actually very reassuring. He’s got an interest and a context beyond just giving sort of financial advice. I would say the intellectual stimulation of the conversations that I have with Alasdair, probably the single most enjoyable thing of working with him.”

“I wouldn’t hesitate at all to recommend Alasdair and the team, not only the individual but the whole approach. I’ve visited their office a number of times. It’s a really tight team, you can meet all the people that you’re dealing with. It’s very accessible, open and transparent, it’s easy to build a trusting relationship. So I have no hesitation at all.”

“One of the things I like about working with Alastair is it’s obviously a team is a small group of people that appear to really know what they’re doing. Who are connected, they’re there whenever you pick up the phone or send an email. If you can’t get hold of Allister straight away, one of the back-office support team will deal with your inquiry. I think it’s, just reassuring to know that there’s a group of people that are attending to our needs as clients, on an everyday basis and hopefully doing well and thriving as a result of that as well.”