Denise: “My name is Denise. We’ve worked with Alasdair, and met him first in 2016. Michael’s worked with him for many, many years actually. Together as a couple on our retirement, we’ve worked with him since 2016.”

“Alasdair helped us with our retirement enormously. I was worried that we wouldn’t have enough, that our pensions were just not going to sustain us. We’d get our pension statements each year and I could just see the value of them going down and down and down. I was really, really worried about that. Alasdair helped us to put everything into perspective. He helped us to put our money in something, which was the best thing for us. He also helped us to shape our savings and have them in the best place. I am quite convinced that if we hadn’t have been in touch with Alasdair, we would possibly have made some really big mistakes and put the money in a wrong place or, have the wrong type of pension. He’s helped us enormously.”

Mike: “For me personally, the best thing about working with Alasdair is it’s somebody I’ve known for a long time. As I said he was the pensions advisor for the company I worked for. He’s always been accessible, I just feel very, very comfortable working with him and speaking with him.”

Denise: “Since working with Alasdair, I do feel really confident about our retirement, I’m confident that we’ve got enough. I’m confident that if I wanted to go and have a really nice holiday, or, buy a new car, we can actually do that without jeopardizing our financial security in the future. I think it is all because of the information that Alasdair has given us and the guidance that he’s given us in where to put our money and how to invest it.”

Mike: “The three words I’d pick to describe Allister, I think it’d be very, very approachable, he’s very knowledgeable, and very easy to work with.”

I would certainly recommend him to other people. Just from what I know of him, the advice he’s given us, the approachability and the genuineness of the whole company and what he’s done for us. I would certainly recommend to anybody.

Denise: “I really would recommend Alasdair and the company without any hesitation at all. The confidence that they’ve given us, moving into our retirement the way they helped us to really allay any fears and anxieties that I had, about our finances in the future and talked to us and understood what it was that we needed and wanted out of the next phase of our life. I think Alasdair really understood that and was able to accommodate what we needed and also what we wanted. So I would not hesitate to recommend him at all.”