Sarah: “My name is Sarah Ashby, my husband, Nigel Aston, and we’ve been with Rob, working with Rob for just over three years now.”

Nigel: “We approached Rob, at a time when we were ourselves approaching retirement, we were looking around for a good financial advisor. We’d reached the end of the line, as far as we’re working out what was most judicious for us in our financial affairs. Sarah is very gifted in that department. But there are limits, and you do need a professional and that’s where Rob Handford came in. We weren’t disappointed at all with the help that he could offer us, in deciding about when to draw our pensions, investments, and a range of ancillary questions. He did that in a very good-humoured engaging way, which made us feel even after our first meeting that this was time well spent.”

Sarah: “He asked quite a lot of relevant questions about our lifestyle, and about what it was where we were now, and where we wanted to be in the short and the long term. It worked out that we were actually able to retire earlier than we’d hoped and moved to North Yorkshire earlier than we’d hoped. Based on his forecasts and his understanding of our lifestyle and situation.”

Neil: “Rob was particularly good at getting figures out of the USS office and, validating some of the figures that have been arrived for me by the HR departments at Leicester. So it was very useful at that moment, to have that shared that double-check working for me.”

The best thing about working with Rob is the way in which he combines professional shrewdness with personal approachability.”

Sarah: “Recommend Rob to other people? We already have done. I know of two friends of ours who have already engaged him in similar situations to us. They, you know, they wanted to retire, and they didn’t really know how much money they got and they wanted to buy a second home. I know they’re very pleased with the service that they’ve got.”