“Alasdair was happy to talk round the subject without my committing to his services. He quoted a reasonable fee and outlined clearly what he would do for this. His advice was provided in a detailed but clear report. I liked the fact that whilst his report presented the pros and cons of my proposed transaction, it presented clear unambiguous advice. Because I was paying a fee he had no vested interest in whether I proceeded or not.”

“I needed to get sound investment advice from somebody who I could trust with my finances. As usual I was given an honest opinion on how to get the best out of my investments and savings.”

“Everything went well and on a timely basis. As far as I am aware, nothing could have gone better.”

“We have worked with Alasdair’s company for some years. He made an excellent presentation to my employees on a new pension scheme we are transferring into. He was universally praised as clear, honest, persuasive and spoke to people in language that they fully understood. One employee who was very much against pensions as a concept certainly softened his attitude and may join the scheme. All others confirmed that they were happy with the scheme.”

“In my experience thus far, I find both Alasdair and the organisation very knowledgeable and professional – exactly what I was looking for.”

“The face-to-face service is excellent and pitched at the right level.”

“So far all is good. Our initial meeting was very helpful, subsequent discussions were clear and jargon-free and phone contact has been quick and easy.”

“Alasdair was very professional. He gave me plenty of time to understand my position related to my finances and he was very clear about the risks I would incur if I proceeded with my own ideas. He was very empathetic and concerned about the future of my finances.”

“Rob carried out a detailed examination of my finances and strategy for retirement. He clearly outlined the options with a balanced view of the positives and negatives. No pressure at any stage.”

“I have been very pleased with the returns from the investment, Jim looks at my investment annually, but I know I can contact him any time for advice.”

“After a thorough review of my financial situation, I was given a comprehensive report on the options that were available. The report also was the basis for further discussion on which products were best suitable for my circumstances. At all times all my questions were answered such that I felt confident to proceed and make decisions that would affect the future and protect my family. Over the last 20 years I have been entirely satisfied with the outcome of the results that have been achieved.”

“Having retired and with a pension pot to invest, needing a financial expert in whom I trust and can rely on for sound advice, I turned to Jim Aitkenhead and his team, confident that they would ‘keep me safe’ and guide me in maximising the returns from my investments, without putting me at undue risk. Handford Aitkenhead & Walker has continued to guide my savings and investments and I continue to have faith in their sensible and helpful advice which is always fully explained. The most significant and essential requirement for a Financial Adviser’s clients is good communication on a regular basis. And with Handford Aitkenhead & Walker this is what I receive:  regular reports on how the world of finance is going and how it relates to my situation.”

“Jim has looked after me for some time now and has given sound advice both leading up to and during the early years of my retirement. I will now be looking at inheritance planning and expect to receive the same good advice. His monthly financial report is also helpful.”

“I’m considering early retirement and needed to explore my options. One of my pensions is an Occupational Defined Benefit Scheme and with all the publicity surrounding transferring out of these, I needed some guidance. Initially, Rob was able to collate exactly what I had by getting the right information relating to each of my pensions. He then went through the pros and cons of each option, without jargon or making it too complex. Each option was carefully considered, and I never felt rushed or pressured into making a decision. I now have an appreciation of what my pensions are worth and how this can be taken as income when I retire. I also know the impact of retiring early. After careful consideration, we decided not to go ahead with the Occupational Defined Benefit Scheme for now. I really could not fault the service I received. Rob is very professional and clearly has a deep knowledge of this technical area. Nothing was too much trouble and the adviser just wanted me to be comfortable with the decision I made.”