Alasdair Walker: My new role promoting professionalism amongst planners as Vice-Chair of the PFS’s Expert Practitioner Panel

Having celebrated Jim Aitkenhead’s 30-year career in financial planning last month, this time it’s Alasdair Walker’s turn in the spotlight.

Last month, Alasdair became Vice-Chair of the Personal Finance Society’s ‘Expert Practitioner Panel.’ Delighted and honoured by the appointment, Alasdair is looking forward to the challenge and the opportunity.

But what is the Expert Practitioner Panel, what are its aims, and what does Alasdair hope to bring to his new role?

The Personal Finance Society promote high standards in our profession

As Chartered financial planners, HA&W understand that the most important part of our profession is the trust of our clients.

The PFS was set up to promote high standards of professionalism across the financial planning industry with a primary aim to increase your confidence and trust in the finance professionals you deal with.

The PFS ideals, therefore, align with our own and that means the Code of Practice we adhere to also matches our values as a business.

The PFS rules require us to (among other things):

  • Comply with all relevant laws and regulations
  • Adopt and promote high ethical standards and integrity
  • Act in the best interests of each client
  • Provide a high standard of service
  • Treat all people fairly

As a member of the society, we also demonstrate our commitment to ongoing professional development, helping to ensure the advice we give you is always relevant and up to date.

Both the PFS’s and HA&W’s commitment to these rules, and to individual development, is great news for you, our client. It ensures that you receive the best possible service, tailored to your individual needs, and in tune with the latest industry changes and regulations.

The role of the Expert Practitioner Panel

The Expert Practitioner Panel was set up by the PFS to ensure it made the best use of the valuable insights that those within the profession can offer. Taking note of the views of professionals within the industry ensures the society can share and develop the skills and best practices of all its members, and the profession as a whole.

Last month, Keith Richards, CEO of the Personal Finance Society stated “The PFS remains committed to helping our profession become recognised by the public and government for the value it provides.”

The Practitioner panel identifies and promotes what’s best in the financial planning profession.

Alasdair understands the vital role the panel plays

The panel meets every quarter to discuss financial planning initiatives and has an important role to play within the industry.

Of his appointment, Alasdair says, “The Expert Practitioner Panel represents a fantastic opportunity to offer my professional insight in a way that will make a real difference for my clients.”

“The panel’s role in collecting and sharing knowledge through guidance and continued development has our clients at its heart. It is our clients who we are ultimately here for.”

Established in 2017, the panel has already made great strides.

Sharon Sutton, Past President of the Personal Finance Society, said recently of the ‘Power of Financial Planning’ initiative, that good planning has the power to change people’s lives.

At HA&W, that’s a sentiment we agree with and something we see in our day to day working lives.

“Panel members serve for three years,” continues Alasdair, “and I’m excited to see what changes we’ll see across the industry during that time. The positive impact those of us on the panel, and future panels can make, could have the power to benefit clients for years to come.”

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